From concept to production CPP will work with you
throughout the development process and on to production

About CPP

We are one of a small number of European companies that operates to global quality thermoforming standards for retail, rPET regrind and extrusion for direct contact food use, and ongoing material design analysis techniques for optimum performance and lightweighting advances.

Design for Thermoformed Plastics

We work from conceptual ideas through to manufacture and delivery. We develop leading edge solutions which are innovative, user efficient and cost effective.

Prototyping & CAD for Thermoformings

Our design team is geared to create prototype tooling quickly and cost effectively from in-house formulated CAD specifications.

Materials for Thermoformings

We extrude material in-house from two extrusion lines. These lines are primarily geared to the production of rPET. In support of this, we procure
from global contract sources, APET and Polypropylene grades of material.

Production of Thermoformings

We operate 8 thermoforming lines comprising multi station, high volume machines to medium formatted fully flexible roll fed, form / cut / stack lines.

Products – Stock Vacuum Formed Components

In addition to our Design capabilities, we maintain a large range of stock designed components. Our stock range may be viewed via this pdf link.

Thermoformed Plastic Specialists

We operate to industry high accreditation standards including:

Certified ISO 9001:2008, GMP Good Manufacturing Practice, BRC Packaging Certificate